Mama and Asha 

Mama and Asha is a newly released children's book  written by Ms. Carolyn Rohrbaugh. It is the very first book that I illustrated and I am very happy and excited about this new adventure!
The book is already available in Amazon, please do check it out.

Faerie Babies Sketches 




Happy New Year everyone!!! It's been a while since my last post and I think these baby sketches are fitting for the new year...still working out on more details on these subjects though.

Anyway, how was your new year? What new art projects are you into now? :)


Fae Nation Feature

I am pleased to share that I was featured at the illustration page of Fae Nation.  If you visit the site you will also discover and read about other fantastic faerie artists. 

Here is the link

Thank you Tangle!



Pixie Thoughts

Pixie Thoughts is another watercolor study using Hook Green, Yellow Ochre, Neutral Tint  and Raw Umber.


Pixie Cap 



I made this little piece as a study using two colors´╗┐: vandyke brown, neutral tint and a touch of white gouche.  I never realized how much fun and challenging it is when using a limited palette.  I always have this habit of splashing several colors at once in my artwork and I think I should learn from this exercise..must have control and patience in building up tones and colors.